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Do you have any stories you'd like to share about how being furloughed has affected you? We'd like to start collecting these stories and posting them here so the public can see how we are being negatively affected. Send your stories here or fill out the form below.

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Recently married, and was furloughed Tuesday. Do I hold out till the shutdown ends? Do I move on? Not knowing is killing me...
Impact of furloughed parents on kids: can you help? Donate now: http://www.gofundme.com/47gso4?preview=1. My parents were both active duty Air Force and, at age 8, an attentive Flight Surgeon noticed something and I was quickly sent to Walter Reed Army Medical Center and diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I went through chemo, radiation, pneumonia, and other diseases as a side effect/complication. After 5 years in remission, they consider me "cured" although I take meds due to results of treatments and it can always come back. I was so amazed by the nurses who made life thru treatments actually fun, that I was inspired to become a Nurse Anesthetist. Despite being told I would probably have learning disabilities, I maintained A/B grades and won a full scholarship through the local medical center. I CLEP'd and completed almost all my general education requirements during the first 6 months of college but after failing only 1 class, the medical program pulled the scholarship. As the 4th of 5 siblings, both my sister and I now work full time, mow lawns, and sell items on EBay to pay for school and books. My father, a DoD contractor, lost 2 contracting jobs in the past year and has not been able to find another job. Now, due to the government shut-down, my mother has been furloughed without pay. We worry all the time about my youngest brother who suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder/Manic Depression and struggles daily to survive. I would walk him to/from school and took him to Homecoming Dance to help him make friends. I want to inspire him to live life like the nurses inspired me. My sister is an amazing person with a giving, humanitarian heart, interested in foreign culturals. She is also pursuing a medical career field. All professional positions in the area require experience and a 2 year degree. Please help support my sister and I fund our college education, appx $6K each. We would also like to save what we can to go on our first overseas college trip to Ireland to visit where our my mother's side of the family still resides and immigrated from via EF College Break , appx $2200 each( http://www.efcollegebreak.com/college-trips/summer-travel-2012.aspx). Thank you so much for your thoughtful consideration!
I now have ZERO income to pay my bills. I have been furloughed from my full-time DoD civilian position, and I don't get to perform National Guard duty one weekend a month either because they are also cut off of funds. I foresee unemployment, a loan modification, and bad credit in my future. Thanks for RUINING what I have worked so hard for.
It doesn't seem to end. First i'm forced out of Active Duty from the Air Force by a commander who doesn't care to save anyone because his retirement is next month and he doesn't want to delay that new job at the hospital downtown making another six figures. 15 Airmen are let go on Thanksgiving (yay). Not to mention being forced to sign a form barring me from ever joining any other branch as active, reserve or guard then given a pittance of a half severance check which was actually my very own disability money that they "borrowed" to pay me and I had to pay it back. Then I finally land a job in the Government only to be paid chump change and being forced to leave the state to live with my mother-in-law. Then I get hit with a job freeze which is killing me and my family. I finally start work only to get hit with a FURLOUGH followed by them talking about just firing all of us. What the hell is going on?
Niq Scott from Columbus, OH
This furlough has impacted me greatly as a single mom GS 07 employee of two small children. That is s $320 pay cut from each of my checks and for those who dont know what they make its under 40,000 salary. I hope the government see's that not eveyone makes 80k a year and don't see the furlough as a mini vacation like congress has.
My husband is being furloughed. We are hurting. What my husband is making will not pay all our bills anymore. I have cut back but there will not be money for food if I dont find work. I have been a stay at home mom and now have to work to put food on the table and make sure the house does not go into default. When will the money get taken from those on WELFARE!? I am all for doing my fair share but this is ridiculous.
I am furloughed. I have lost $297.00 per every two weeks. This is for 16 hours per pay. A lot of people don't think this is much but it has put a drastic burden on me and my family.I understand we ALL need to help and make sacrifices but if we do this then Our President shouldn't be sending millions if not billions to other countries. I have always been told feed your own first and care for them... Not those who hate us.
Joan from Boiling Springs, PA
I have had to take in a boarder to live in one of my extra bedrooms. The stress is horrible at work, we still are expected to finish all our work. Our military treat us like nothing is different. Our installation furloughed all of us on Mondays and everyone else in gov is furloughed on Friday so we now are trying to complete 5 days of work during 3 days!
Craig from , Screwed in Virginia
27 years of supporting the military to ensure they can complete thier mission while my mission of raising my family comfortably and then retireing is destroyed!!!! Thanks alot you over paid government rich spoiled pukes!!! VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!
Joe Furloughski from Ft Bragg, NC
24 years as a DOD employee. I have been doing some song writing on my furlough time and can been seen on youtube - just search "JoeFurloughski". This furlough is the result of the last election and this is what 51% of the people wanted. Dont complain if you voted for those who are in office making these decisions.
I am NOT able to pay my house phone my cable my car payment my cell phone and have had to cut back on buying food.
Myles from Tooele, Utah
I am a DA police officer working at a working capital funded depot in Utah. Our management has seen fit to furlough us. Then order us to work double shifts to cover the manpower shortage the furlough has caused. The extra shifts are at our overtime rate so uncle has saved nothing by blindly following the furlough requirements. It's the blind leading the blind off the closest cliff.
Eduardo Espiritu from Lakewood, CA
I am a 29-year DoD employee. Furlough means less money and more leisure time. This is practice for my upcoming retirement
We're Not the Enemy
Congress, lobbyists, big business, big banks, their cronies & thieves alike are decimating the middle class, raking in big bucks doing it. They ravage all of our salaries, life savings, retirement, & that of our children, then blame it on us; & the press helps them do it. We pay our taxes, our healthcare, our retirement (FERS is a 401K like retirement plan that is nothing like CSRS or what Congress has, & CSRS stopped in back in 1984), & we have ever rising bills just like everyone else. Contrary to popular belief, many of us also went to school while working and have degrees. Most started preparing for pending furloughs months ago. Now that they’ve all come to pass, if you don’t work for the government or a government contractor, the true effect of Sequestration is headed your way soon. Retail & services merchants, grocery, bank, real estate, shoe, clothing, home & auto repair, landscaping, phone, TV, internet, cable, insurance, barber, hairdresser, assembly & office worker, mall employee, security guard, bartender, waiter, waitress, vacation spot, big box & appliance store, etc., employees, hold onto your wallets. Effectively, as of July 8th, more than 2 million more Americans are NO LONGER spending money where YOU work & live. What little, if any, is left after bills, if we can even pay them all, is NOT going back into the economy. That has changed forever. We spend our furlough days figuring out more & more ways/things to cut. When fall comes you may likely find that YOUR hours are getting cut &/or you are getting laid off, just in time for the holidays, or, if not then, right after them. Maybe then Sequestration/furlough supporters will come to understand, the hard way, that Congress is to blame, not the hard working middle class Federal civil servants who continue under great duress, these days, to support you and your loved ones, serving here and abroad, who have done nothing wrong.
Paula from Santee, CA
I have worked for DOD for 12 years. My Husband served 23 years in the Navy and now is a DOD employee. We are losing 40% of our pay. We both feel like we are being punished for doing our job and serving. The people that can't balance a budget are going on vacation, having meals cooked for them and treaded like their special. This is so unfair. Most of my employee are looking for other jobs now and so am I. Why should we be treated this way.